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3 Enhancements for Your Custom Home Theater

Relative Home Systems Offers Customized Solutions for Your Memorial, TX Smart Home

3 Enhancements for Your Custom Home Theater

The custom home theater in your Memorial, TX smart home should be a unique reflection of you and your style. After all, the whole point of a home theater is that you can imbue your personal style and sense of cinematic perfection into every aspect of the space. That being said, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into what you want out of your theater – even the things you may have previously overlooked – but now it’s time to think about some details. Read on to gain some ideas on how to enhance your theater experience seamlessly and elegantly.

Find the Right Screen

If you’ve chosen to go the traditional home theater route with a drop down 4K projector, you’ve made an excellent choice. However, a projector is only half of the equation. You’ll also have to consider what type of screen you’ll want.

As you already know, the screen size will be affected not just by the size of your room, but also by the position of the seating. You’ll also want to think about the particular screen material. Is there a lot of ambient light in your room? Then you may want to try a high-contrast dark grey or black screen, which gives you deep, rich blacks and reflects less light back at the viewer. Alternately, the industry-standard white screen will achieve the best brightness, but may pick up more light than simply what’s coming from the projector. While there’s no perfect choice for every custom home theater, there’s probably the right choice for yours!

Enhance Your Audio with Bowers and Wilkins

As you already know, not all audio systems are created equal. In your custom theater, you’ll want surround sound that can capture the auditory feel of a movie the way the filmmakers intended. Bowers and Wilkins has been an audio industry leader for years. Their expertise is utilized in recording and mixing studios around the world because of their commitment to nearly perfect sonic reproduction. The 800 Series Diamond speakers by Bowers and Wilkins offer studio-grade technology with stylish cabinets for the perfect audio experience in your custom home theater.

See Where You’re Going With Floor Lighting

A clever way to incorporate lighting into your theater is floor lighting. Not only will it make the room more functional – allowing you and your family to see where they’re going even when the lights are off – but it will also make your viewing experience more pleasant. You won’t have to turn on any of your overhead lighting zones if someone has to get up for any reason, and floor lighting is dim enough that it won’t distract from the image on the screen. And you can integrate all of your lighting controls, so the floor lighting will come on as you turn off the overhead lights!

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