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3 Ways Smart Home Automation Can Enhance Your Home Office

Now That You’re Spending More Time Working From Home, Consider These Upgrades

3 Ways Smart Home Automation Can Enhance Your Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to work from home and spend time indoors as much as possible. Although this period is causing many to deal with the stress of uncertainty, at least there is certainty that collectively staying home limits the spread of the virus.

Now that you’re spending so much time in your home office, have you thought about how smart technology can enhance your space and make you more productive? With the right tools, you can make your home office more convenient, luxurious, and tailored to your needs.

Let’s explore four ways smart home automation can amp up your Woodlands, TX, home office, and improve how you work from home.

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Audio/Video System

With stay-at-home orders in place, people have been communicating more and more through phone calls and video conferencing. You don’t have to worry about conducting video calls solely through your computer — you can connect your computer to a 4K monitor or television and hear your conversations through high-performance, in-wall speakers throughout your office. Don’t like the quality of your computer’s camera for video conferencing? You can set up UHD or 4K cameras to get pristine image quality.

Human-centric Lighting

Many offices are known for having fluorescent, sometimes harsh, lighting that isn’t the most ideal for a productive work environment. Lighting can significantly affect our mood and well-being; when we’re over-exposed to certain light, like our smartphone’s blue hues, it can negatively affect our melatonin levels.

Poor lighting conditions don’t have to be in your home office. You can install human-centric lighting that simulates natural light to regulate your circadian rhythm. With human-centric lighting, you can enjoy a tunable system that automatically adjusts color temperatures throughout the day to mimic sunlight. You can customize lighting in your office to have certain tones that stimulate activity and concentration.

Motorized Shades

Many of us love natural sunlight brightening up our space. However, if there’s too much sunlight coming into your office, it can cause glare and increase your air conditioning bill. To combat this, you can install motorized window treatments that allow you to easily adjust the amount of daylight that comes into your office, like motorized shading and drapery to raise or lower them whenever you want, with just a touch of a button. It’ll save energy and save you the hassle of adjusting them yourself.

Simplified, Unified, Customizable Control

With smart home automation, you won’t need multiple remotes and switches to control your audio, video, lighting, and motorized window treatments. You’ll be able to control it all through a central device — like your smartphone — and also use other convenient tools like wall-mounted keypads and voice commands. When upgrading your home office and home with smart solutions, you can make customizations perfect for your needs. Controlling it all comes with ultimate ease.

These are just a few of the smart solutions you can add to your Woodlands home office. Relative Home Systems is a full-service smart home automation company, and we’re ready to help you with your next home project. Find out more about the solutions in this blog and others by filling out our questionnaire.