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3 Ways Smart Home Control Can Be a Parenting Tool

Manage Your Houston Household with Smart Controls

3 Ways Smart Home Control Can Be a Parenting Tool

Do you find yourself wondering how much easier it would be if you had a nanny to help you with the kids? There’s a solution that can offer support seven days a week, 24 hours a day without taking any sick days or vacations. Help comes in the form of smart home control. Every system in your Houston, Texas home—from security to entertainment—works hand in hand to create a more efficient household. Automated scenes, centralized control, and remote access are a few ways smart technology can help with your daily parenting tasks.

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Streamline Daily Routines with Pre-Set Scenes

Reduce the time it takes to go through your daily routines with the use of pre-set scenes in your smart home control system. For example, waking up the kids for school doesn’t have to be a chore. Create an automated scene that opens the shades, turns on the lights, and begins playing music in their room until they’re out of bed.

When it’s time to leave the house, you can focus on getting the kids into the car and making sure they have everything they need. Your smart home control system will take care of the rest. Press an ‘Away' scene as you leave that turns off all lights and appliances, locks the doors and arms your security alarm.

Keep an Eye on Your Kids with Remote Control

One of the biggest benefits of smart home control is the ability to access your technology when you’re away. Through the Crestron or Savant Apps you can look in on your surveillance and manage your locks, lighting and thermostat remotely. This way you can stay connected to your home, and children, even when you're not there.

If you expect them to be back from school while you’re at work, you can receive a notification on your phone as soon as they open the front door or garage. You can then look in on your surveillance footage throughout the day to see what they’re up to.

Centralized control also helps you keep an eye out when you’re home. Once you send your kids to bed, pull up your user interface to see what technology is being used in their room. If it’s after bedtime, you can turn off their television and lights from the living room to make sure they go to sleep.

Limit Their Access with Personalized Profiles

Both Crestron and Savant offer personalized profiles in their smart home control systems. For the most part, this is meant to bring added convenience. You may use some technology more than the rest of your family, so you can put it on your profile’s main menu. But individualized profiles can also be a great parenting tool.

Some profiles can be given limited access to specific features or components like your media library, thermostat or security system. Media servers like Kaleidescape also offer menu options that only show pre-approved titles. Keep security features off limits to ensure your kids don’t disarm the alarm or unlock doors without you knowing about it.

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