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3 Ways to Optimize the Surround Sound in Your Custom Home Theater

Relative Home Systems Has a Custom Solution for Your Woodlands, TX Space

3 Ways to Optimize the Surround Sound in Your Custom Home Theater

From sound mixing to original soundtracks, moviemakers put as much effort into their audio as they do the images that go on your screen. Whether it’s the resounding boom of an explosion or the haunting whistling of the wind, immersive sound helps you escape the daily grind as you’re transported into your favorite movie. When designing a custom home theater, create a first-rate experience with audio rivaling that of a professional theater. Relative Home Systems can help you design a system primed to get the most out of your technology. 

Utilize Hi-End Speakers for Crisp Audio

Ultimately, the hi-fidelity sound in your custom home theater will only be as good as the quality of your speakers. Bowers & Wilkins’ CT700 and CT800 series bring authentic movie theater sound into your home. Incorporating the same technology that has made the English company the loudspeaker of choice for recording artists worldwide, the speakers offer every detail in crisp quality.

To incorporate the latest Dolby Atmos surround sound technology into your home, you can also go with Triad’s Bronze LR-H, combining a traditional speaker with an upward facing Dolby ® Atmos enabled speaker.  The loud speakers are crafted one at time to ensure top quality and are available in custom finishes and colors to better match your room’s décor.

Arrange Speakers Strategically for Optimal Sound

When it comes to recreating the surround sound from a traditional theater at home, it is important to take into account your speaker placement. The location, direction and amount of speakers in a home theater can greatly alter the way audio sounds.  For Triad products, for example, Dolby recommends at least four speakers—two in the front and two in the back for precise, encompassing sound.

While there’s an inherent urge to place speakers against the wall, the ideal layout is to create an arc between your central speaker and your right and left front speakers to ensure the sound is equidistant to where you are sitting. The two wide speakers face inward to create an auditory cone. This eliminates the risk of people getting muffled, distorted sound by sitting too close or far from your hi-end speakers.

Maximize Your Room’s Acoustics

Now that you can envision the system you want and how you want to organize it within your space, it’s important to take into account exactly what your theater room will look like. Certain features, from plush seating to wall texture, can distort the sound of your expertly-calibrated system.

While sound bouncing around your room can sometimes result in a stronger signal, it can also create distortions. Try and remove any hard surfaces in your room for the purest sound. Cover windows with drapes and hardwood floors with a rug or carpet. For your seating, plush models are preferred over leather options.    

Experience surround sound like never before with a custom home theater. Contact Relative Home Systems for a design uniquely crafted to meet the needs of your Woodlands space.