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4 Unique Ways to Control the Lights in Your Home

Experience the Benefits of a Smart Solution From Relative Home Systems

4 Unique Ways to Control the Lights in Your Home

When thinking about what smart products to bring into your home, you should begin with technology you use on a daily basis. Why not start with your home's lights? It's the first thing you interact with in the morning and the last thing you shut off when you go to bed. For a technology so entrenched in your daily routine, shouldn't you find a way to control it just the way you want? Get the versatility you deserve with a home lighting control solution from Lutron. Read on to find out the many unique ways Lutron lets you control the light fixtures in your Houston, TX home.

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Centralize Control of All Your Home's Lights

There are many smart lighting products on the market, but they usually offer limited reach. With Lutron HomeWorks QS incorporated into your Savant or Crestron home automation system, you can access all your home's lights from a touchpad, smartphone or tablet. Eliminate the clutter of switches on the wall and make it more convenient to pull up what you need. Simply pick the room you want to access then choose the fixtures you want to control. You can dim their power, turn them off or even change their color.

Enhance Your Style With Elegant Wall Switches

While modernizing is fun, sometimes you want direct, physical access to your lights. Reduce wall acne by incorporating elegant flush mounts that blend switches into your walls. With a home lighting control system, you can incorporate switches with scenes that let you access multiple fixtures at once. This eliminates the need for multiple switches in a room. For example, include a "Welcome" scene that opens your shades and turns on the lights in the entry way. These scenes can also save your favorite settings, instantly pulling up the perfect lighting to watch a movie, read a book or host a party.

Let Lights Anticipate Your Needs with Sensors and Schedules

Why not take a more hands-off approach? Create a "Wake Up" scene that turns on the lights and opens the shades at a given time every morning. Meanwhile, photo sensors ensure landscape lights around your property go on as soon as the sun sets. Want to get a midnight snack? Don't stumble trying to find the switch or wake up the family by turning on lights throughout the house. Instead, have LED fixtures in your hallway light up to 30 percent as you walk by, providing a lit path to the kitchen.

Remotely Access Your Home's Lights From Your Phone

Monitor and manage your lights at all times from an app on your smartphone through your home lighting control system. Notice a light was left on in the kitchen after you went to bed? Turn it off from the master bedroom. Eliminate the possibility of human error with notifications. Receive alerts on your phone when you leave the house to know if a light has been left on. Even if you're away from home, you can fix it remotely at the press of a button.

Change the way you interact with your lights. Contact Relative Home Systems to bring a smart lighting solution from Lutron into your home.