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How Can a Smart Home System Simplify Your Life?

Here are the Features We Recommend

How Can a Smart Home System Simplify Your Life?

Are you looking to make your daily routine simpler than ever? You can add convenience, comfort, and luxury to your Austin, TX living space with a top-notch smart home system in place. Various smart features and technologies can elevate your whole property and take any everyday task or event to the next level – with just a press of a button!

If you’re interested in simplifying your life with a quality Crestron smart home automation system, then keep reading on below to find out more about the benefits of these smart solutions. You’ll learn just how smart technology can completely transform your life.


Smart Lighting Control

Did you know the lighting in a room can change how it looks entirely? Put on a glowing display in your family room or kitchen with hanging lights or wall sconces that add both elegance and brightness. Create ambiance over dinner with friends and family, or brighten up your home when you wake up in the morning.

Setting up a spotlight to showcase your valuables, such as artwork or antique furniture, can change the whole appearance of a space. You can press a button to turn it on and off with ease so that it’s only on when you have guests over or when you so desire.

Smart lighting from Lutron can also help you save energy. With installed motion sensors, the lights can know to shut off after the last person has left the room after a designated amount of time. You can also press just one button at the end of the day, and turn off your entire lighting system. It’s that easy to save energy and lower your monthly bills.

Climate Control 

Create the perfect atmosphere in your house with just the right temperature – whether you’re there or not. While you go away on a trip for the day or come home from work, you can press a button to turn on your smart thermostat to cool down or heat up your house after it’s been off all day.

So the moment you step inside, you’re met with a comfortable and relaxing environment you can feel right at home in. Plus, pairing your smart thermostat with motorized shading can keep your HVAC system from overworking. The shades will help insulate your home so that the thermostat can adjust the temperature accordingly without overcompensating.

You’re left with a “just right” living space that accommodates any season and weather.

Audio Video Distribution System 

Imagine being able to take your music and media to every corner of your home – with a multi-room audio video system, you can take your entertainment to any room, both inside and outdoors.

Use your smart device to adjust volume, peruse through your media library, stream from services like Netflix and Spotify, and change songs with just a push a button. At parties, you can turn up a party playlist that plays both in the kitchen, living room, and out on the patio. Friends can play DJ while everyone dances the night away.

Want to listen to a podcast or audiobook in the sitting room? You can pause and play as you go, and move throughout the house as you finish it. Play melodic and relaxing tunes or ambient sounds to help you go to sleep. It’s all up to you.

Want to learn more about what a quality smart home system can bring to your everyday life? Fill out our online contact form or give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!