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How Does Home Lighting Control Enhance Your Safety?

It Takes More Than a Security Alarm to Protect Your Family

How Does Home Lighting Control Enhance Your Safety?

Creating a safe environment in your River Oaks, Texas home should be one of your top priorities. You want to create a spot where your family always feels safe and protected; somewhere they can go for comfort after a tough day. For this reason, you've likely invested in a security system that includes an alarm, power locks and maybe even surveillance. In this blog, we'll discuss how a smart home lighting control system can also be a big asset for your security. 

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Eliminate Dangerous Unlit Areas

For added protection, convenience and comfort, you always want your home to have a well-lit environment. With the right lighting, you can protect your family from both external and internal threats.

You want to ensure general access points - like your front door, garage, or gate - are illuminated at all times. This way it's easy for you to spot anyone approaching. Schedule your landscape lighting to go on each evening, so these fixtures are always turned on when needed.

Your home lighting control system also protects you from more innocuous threats. Link your LED lights to motion sensors along major walkways. This way your hallways light up as you walk past to help you spot any tripping hazards before they result in an expensive, and embarrassing, trip to the emergency room.

Deter Robbers from Targeting Your Home

While keeping entranceways well-lit is a great security measure, you can also take steps to deter intruders before they make it that far. Your indoor and outdoor lighting can work together in this regard. If someone enters your outdoor perimeter once your security system is already armed, you can flood the area with lights. This will alert an intruder that he has been spotted and motivate him to leave.

Another way smart lighting control deters potential threats is a "Vacation" scene. Robbers are likely to target homes that look uninhabited. If they see no activity, they’ll assume it’s vacant and attempt to break in. Protect your home while you're on vacation or a long business trip by having lights turn on and off at preset intervals to make it look occupied. Your system can even learn your typical routines and recreate them for the scene.

Make It Easy To Respond to an Emergency

If your lighting control system is part of a general home automation or smart security solution, it can also help you respond to an emergency. You can set up cameras to record when they detect motion or as soon as an alarm goes off. Make sure your lighting turns on at the same time to get the best possible footage for authorities or insurance agents. In the case of a fire, you can also program your lights to guide the way to the nearest entrance.

Are you ready to enhance your home’s security with a smart lighting solution?

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