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Is Your Network Equipped to Handle a Connected Home?

Relative Home Systems Makes Sure You Get the Most Out of Your Technology

Is Your Network Equipped to Handle a Connected Home?

There was once a time when your home networking consisted of your phone, fax and home computer. Now it also includes your laptop, smartphone, tablet, cable box, music, cameras and more. We’re living in the connected era, making a robust network the backbone of any home. Wondering if your current system is up to the challenge? Relative Home Systems shows you how you can get quick, reliable service for all the devices in your Houston, Texas home.

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Increase the Performance of Your Smartphone and Tablet

What’s the connected device you use most in your home? You’re probably using it right now to read this blog. We use smartphones for everything in our lives and there’s no reason we should be suffering through slow data or interrupted service in our own homes. Enhance the performance of your smart phone or tablet with cellular booster systems. These systems capture outside signals from nearby towers and enhance the signal for indoor use.

If you would rather rely on your home’s wi-fi network, you can add Pakedge Wireless access points that relay your router signal to ensure you get blanket coverage throughout your space. Pakedge’s SectorMaxx technology works three times faster than conventional wireless technology to make sure your connection stays consistent whether you’re checking emails or streaming music.

Expand Your Bandwidth to Optimize Your Entertainment

The reason some digital media faces quality constraints is because it is compressed to make transmission easier. Companies like Tidal and Netflix, however, are now offering streamed content in uncompressed high-fidelity and Ultra 4K HD formats respectively. Most traditional networks are not equipped to carry that much bandwidth, though. It is necessary to upgrade to a router with the necessary capabilities so your favorite entertainment comes through uninterrupted and uncorrupted.

We recommend going with a Media Router from Pakedge specifically designed for media streaming and already equipped with 4K capabilities. The router includes TrueStream technology which manages your bandwidth allocation for optimal viewing. The technology is designed to help latency-sensitive applications where a data backlog creates noticeable lagging or freezing for the end user.

Increase the Functionality of Your Home With Traffic Control

Your bundle of connected devices result in diverse traffic all vying for space on your network. It’s important to create a system in which you can prioritize each traffic type according to your needs. With Pakedge Zones, all your network traffic is segmented into six color coded zones: management, voice, audio/video, automation, data and guest.

You set your own priorities and can easily change them with a drag and drop menu. No matter how many connected devices you have, the traffic is coded to bypass lower-priority zones for optimal results. Finally, Zone Bonding allows the zones to communicate with each other so you don’t end up with a segmented network that lacks flexibility.

Want to get the most out of the connected devices in your home? Call Relative Home Systems at (281) 537-7373 or fill out our online contact form to upgrade your home networking system.