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Upgrade Your Smart Home with Automated Lighting Control

Relative Home Systems has the Smart Lighting Solution for Austin, TX

Upgrade Your Smart Home with Automated Lighting Control

If you’re upgrading your smart home, you’re going to want a smart lighting control system. It can help improve your home security, save energy and augment the beauty of your interior design. But it can do more than that. It can also enhance your daily life, make your entertainment more enjoyable and create usable spaces out of ones that you may have previously neglected. Read on to find out how a smart lighting system can upgrade all aspects of your home life. 

Enhance Your Home Theater

When you go to the movie theater, you don’t watch the clerks go through the room, flipping off light switches and turning on the projector. It’s all done in one fell swoop, seamlessly putting you into the cinematic experience. The same can be true for your home theater. Integrate lighting into your home theater controls and you can turn off the overhead lights, lower the screen and projector, turn on your surround sound system and start the film – all with the touch of a button. Plus, by adding floor lighting, you and your family can see where you’re going without disturbing anyone else. All of these elements combine for the perfect viewing experience.

Wake Up to the Perfect Scene

Your morning routine is so familiar to you, you probably don’t even have to think about it. But with a home lighting control system, waking up becomes even easier. By programming “scenes” into your control device, you can have one touch controls that set the perfect mood for any situation. So before you go to bed at night, set the “wake-up scene”, and in the morning you’ll be awoken by gradually rising lights that give your eyes time to adjust. You can also integrate other features of your smart home into the scene, so that the shades slowly rise, the thermostat turns off and your favorite morning music can gently flow through the in-wall speakers of your whole home audio system to make getting up just as pleasant as going to bed.

Create a Beautiful Outdoor Space

Your lighting control isn’t limited to the inside of your house. Outdoor landscape lighting can transform your back yard or pool area into the most beautiful party room for you and your family. There’s nothing better than spending summer nights out late with a nice cook-out and family time. And if you integrate outdoor entertainment like weather resistant televisions and hidden outdoor audio with your smart lighting, there’s virtually no end to the fun you can have this season.

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