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Why Should You Hire a Professional for Your Smart Home Needs?

Relative Home Systems Offers You a Customized Control Solution

Why Should You Hire a Professional for Your Smart Home Needs?

It seems every day new smart technology hits the market. There are thermostats, lights, cameras, locks and even humidifiers that boast the smart label. But are they worth the investment? The professional integrators from Relative Home Systems can help you navigate through the latest technology and incorporate it all into a smart home control system. Read on to find out we can ‘smarten up’ your Memorial, Texas home.

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Making Sure You Get the Best Equipment

There are thousands of options flooding the market from individual solutions –like the Nest thermostat—to full smart home hubs. With years of experience, Relative Home System serves as your advisor to get you past the clutter and impostors. According to your needs and specific budget, we work with you to create a solution that includes only the best products in the market. We work with Savant Systems and Crestron for your smart automation needs due to their compatibility with multiple products. This way you get versatility and reliability in your system.

Install Only the Components You Need

With an endless list of services that you can control from your smartphone, touchpad or remote—how do you decide which ones you really need? We go through a thorough consultation with you to make sure you only incorporate the necessary components in your smart home control system. With extensive wiring and programming, it is easy for us to add new ones in the future if you find you need something else.

Create a Reliable Backbone for Your System

In a smart home, your audio/video, lighting, and security are all placed within the same system –whether it’s wireless or wired. This is where the DIY approach hits its biggest snag. Despite the usual promise that these products are easy to install, they’ll either involve new wiring to link up to a larger system or –more precariously—use a wireless connection. 

Now the network you used mainly for your internet needs has its workload doubled or tripled. Can it handle it? We work with you to ensure you have the proper routers and setup to handle all the traffic related to smart control. We also provide the necessary wiring framework to incorporate current and future components—and keep it all discreetly hidden behind walls.

Receive Quick, Reliable Service and Maintenance

We stand out as much for our service as we do our products. Even the best technology will face the occasional glitch, and we’re always here to help! We maintain your code files at all times, so it's easy to do future maintenance. By working with a professional integrator, you're also never left behind. We keep you up to date whenever there's new upgrades you could use whether it’s an updated smart thermostat or a new speaker for your home theater system.

Let us take care of the difficult work! Contact Relative Home Systems to bring a smart home control system into your space.

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