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Why Working with a Trained Crestron Integrator Matters

Relative Home Systems explains the significance of industry experience

Why Working with a Trained Crestron Integrator Matters

As the home automation industry continues to evolve with product advancements and integration technologies, Relative Home Systems is ready to bring our expertise to you! Our new blog is here as a resource to spotlight products and services that will have the most impact on your projects.

Our first spotlight, however, is actually on RHS(or Relative Home Systems, being…us). More specifically, we wanted to take this opportunity to present the advantages of working with an experienced Crestron Integrator.

Why Crestron?

The new home automation systems are sometimes called “Smart Home” systems or “Systems Integration.” Whatever the title, they are all referring to intuitive control of your home's subsystems, including audio/video, lighting, security, CCTV, motorized shades & drapes, pool/spa and more. Besides a consistent system-to-system look and feel which makes controlling your home easier, combining these subsystems into a unified control also greatly eliminates wall clutter. Thermostats are hidden in closets or a mechanical room and backup security keypads and pool/spa controllers can likewise be hidden.

Crestron is a world-wide leader in this home automation control, and RHS is one of a few audio-visual firms that can boast nearly a century of combined Crestron experience. This means that our staff has earned its stripes! Through intensive training and real-world experience, we offer the highest level of expertise and quality in programming our client's integration systems.

Why does experience matter?

Professional programmers provide quality-controlled programming services for your Crestron projects. Crestron recognizes that the programming of its systems is a critical success factor, so they encourage customers to only work with firms experienced in Crestron systems.

These firms help ensure that Crestron’s customers, designers and dealers get the best Crestron programming possible, so their projects are completed with the best possible results.

Crestron offers extensive training to ensure each dealer stays up-to-date on all the latest technology, trends and best practices. Simply put, RHS programmers take the technology to the next level, delivering remarkable value by providing complete, fully-integrated systems.

The value of working with a firm with Crestron experience

Specialized Expertise: We are specialists; control programming is our primary focus. Partnering with RHS ensures that you get unparalleled control programming expertise on your systems.

Long-term Consistency: If you have many projects over the years, be sure to get consistency in the one area where it is critical: the user experience. Partnering with RHS for all your projects ensures that your family or guests will not be confused or irritated as they move from room to room.

System Maintenance: Crestron ensures that RHS can help you maintain your code and graphic files for easy future maintenance of your systems, including inventories, versions, and templates.

Integrated Building Technology: We are on the forefront of the hot trend to integrate building system technologies under a unified control interface. RHS understands the role of Crestron in your efforts to control energy costs, reduce redundancy, and enable communication among your various building systems.

Partnering with Relative Home Systems means your home automation system will be designed by a knowledgeable company with many years of experience. It cannot be emphasized enough how important proper home automation programming and IT design is to the end result of a home automation system! Call Relative Home Systems to discover how you can benefit from our proven expertise.

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